Cinderella Feature

     ‘Cinderella’ gets a makeover at NSMT after last year’s fire 

     …The costume shop in particular made a lot of changes after losing much of last year’s wardrobe.  Joanna Murphy, NSMT’s costume coordinator and costume designer for “Cinderella,” didn’t work on last year’s production.  Her vision for the show is a different one, and she decided to take Cinderella’s dress from blush to blue.

     “I wanted to se her in light blue, which is iconic for her,” Murphy says.

     To contrast with Cinderella’s flowing chiffon gown, Murphy made the stepsisters Joy and Portia as hideous as possible, complete with giant hoop skirts (which no one else in the show wears), towering wigs, and a blend of colors that includes maroon, yellow, lime green, and hot orange.  Portia’s ball gown will even be adorned with grapes.

     “The stepfamily overall is a little different,” Murphy says.  “It was important  to the director that they be completely tasteless.”

     “Cinderella” has returned to NSMT this season because the venue wanted to bring back the family show, which was well-received at its four shows last year, according to Jon Kimbell, artistic director and executive producer. 

     Kimbell also wanted to invite back the actors who were sent home after last year’s fire.  However, most of the lead characters, including Cinderella (Deborah Lew) and the prince (Ryan Silverman), will be played by different actors this time around because of scheduling conflicts.  The director, Charles Repole, is new, too.

     Kimbell says the overall look of the show will be different.

     “There’s new costumes, a new set design.  It’s going to look very different,” Kimbell says.  “Even the seats will be different.  There’s going to be a lot more surprises, magic and charm that may not have been there.”…

                    -Excerpted from ‘Cinderella’ gets a makeover at NSMT after last year’s fire                                                         

                     By Rebecca Schoonmaker for The Salem News   (Thursday, August 17, 2006)